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A River 
 A.K. Ramanujan
The poem A River by A.K.
Ramanujan is a tour de force of
impressive potency and insightful philosophy and yet a poem characterised by
its graceful lucidity and finely honed criticism. Through the poem A River, the poet raises the question of
an artist’s commitment to the society.

In this poem, the poet has compared and contrasted the mind-set of
the old poets and those of the new poets to human misery. Both the poets are
apathetic to human sorrow and suffering. Their poetry does not mirror the
miseries of the human beings; on the other hand they are concerned with the
themes that are far away from the stark reality before them. They write about
the beauty of the river in full flood completely ignoring the devastation and
human tragedy wreaked by this beastly force.
In this poem, the poet
refers to the river Vaikai which flows through the city of Madurai.
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