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ICSE English 2020 Grammar and Composition Practice Test 030220

Question 1

You have been asked by a local daily to interview a famous personality. Write a letter to the person you have to interview requesting him/her to allow you for the interview.

(Hints: name of the daily-purpose of the interview- name of the personality-request to interview- convenient date and time).

Question 2

You have received by courier a book which you have ordered. You find that the book is damaged. Write a letter to the Manager of the publishing company requesting him to make amends for the damage.

Question 3

Rewrite the following according to the instructions given after each. Do not alter the meaning. You have to make sentence say the same thing in a different way:

  1. The misunderstanding was my fault, so I apologized. (Begin with: I apologized…)
  2. She won the tournament, so I congratulated her. (Use: on winning)
  3. He has enemies but he has bodyguards to protect him. (Begin with: His bodyguards…)
  4. She eats only fruit and vegetables. (Rewrite using: She lives…)
  5. Do you believe in ghosts? ( End with: exists)
  6. Who replaced the good chair with a broken one? (Use substitute instead of ‘replaced’)
  7. Priya said, ‘I am never going to trust you again.’(Begin with: Priya said that…)
  8. The price of all goods has risen recently.
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