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English Grammar and Composition

Aptitude Test Answers

Question 1
You are living in a big city but the water supply of your colony is very poor. As summers are going on all the residents face acute shortage of water. Write a letter to the Editor of a reputed newspaper drawing the authorities’ attention to the problem. [10]

Format: Official
Self Address
29 May, 2009.

The Editor
The Times of Hyderabad

Points to be Included:
  • Introduction:Name and essential details: such as resident of Nowhere Colony.
  • Reason for writing the letter:The acute water shortage to be brought to the attention of the authorities through the newspaper.
  • Presentation of the problem:Acute water shortage due to summer.
  • The difficulties faced by the residents of the colony. (examples)
  • Personal difficulties.(examples)
  • Suggestions if any to lessen the misery
  • Request to publish the letter.
Yours sincerely,
Yours truly,
Yours faithfully,
(Any one)
Name in Full

Question 2
Rewrite as directed: [10]
a. Very few subjects are as important as English. (Use: most)
English is one of the most important subjects.
b. Only if India wins the cup, we will have a holiday.( Change into a negative sentence)
Unless India wins the cup, we will not have a holiday.Read More “Answers to the English Grammar and Composition Aptitude Test”