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Question 2

a)’ Format: Personal Letter
Dear Uncle (Name),
Introductory remarks -· Uncle’s desire – visit an industrial firm-· Purpose of the visit-· Name of the firm.-· Accident-· Plan abandoned-· Expressing sympathy.-· Consoling words-· Assurance to visit on a future date· Concluding remarks

Yours lovingly,/your loving nephew/niece,  
Short or Pet Name
‘Format Official Letter: Complaint-

The Customer Care Executive
Address of the firm
Introduction. – Specify product bought. – Date and Bill No.· Nature of damage.· Unusable-· Request to replace the specified product · Or reimburse the cost of it.
Yours faithfully,
Full name ( with surname or Initials)

b) meanings
i. Mothered = created, produced, generated, etc.
ii. Character = nature, kind, type, etc.
iii. Current = present, recent, contemporary, etc.
(No marks if more than one is meaning given.)
b) Answer the following questions briefly in your own words:
1. The Twentieth century – many new terms for musical styles- variety of music created.… Read More “ICSE 2011 English 1 Model Paper Answers”