Category : ICSE 2011: Grammar Test 1: 29112011 Answers

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(i) While driving the car, Raphael was listening to the radio.

(ii) Not only did Serena win the race but also retained her overall record.
(iii) The tourist said to/told me that he could not see any landmarks in that guide and asked me whether I could direct him to the railway station that day as I had done/did the previous day/the day before.
(iv) Unless it rains, the famers will not be relieved.
(v) The phenomenon of the yellow moon fascinated the astronomers.
(vi) No sooner did the crowd block/had blocked off the road than the police came in swarms.
(vii) The book is too boring to me to recommend it to anyone.
(viii) Very few school teams/teams in the tournament are as strong as our school team.
(ix) He had enough courage / courage enough to face the dreadful enemy.
(x)Can we/I always rely on your friend?
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