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ICSE 2013  Revision Test 01022013

Question 1
literacy is a must for the present generation of students.  Write a composition of about 350-400 words
arguing for or against the statement.

Question 2
You, as part of a school excursion, have recently visited a
place of historical importance. Write a letter to your aunt narrating your
experience of the tour. Include in your letter your feelings and emotions about
the place, what impressed you most about the place and also detail the benefit
you had from the tour. 

Write a letter to the Circle Inspector of your locality
reporting a burglary in your neighbourhood.

Question 3
Read the
passage given below and answer the questions a, b, c, and d that follow:

The cloud
weaves a flaming girdle around the sun. (Sometimes a circle of light made by
clouds is seen round the sun.) Around the moon, the cloud weaves a girdle of
pearl – like stars.
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