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 Practice Paper English 1 

Grammar and Composition
Question 1
The trend of organizing School Reunions is fast catching on. Write a letter to one of your friends bringing out its pros and cons.           
Question 2
a. In each of the following sentences there is a blank place which can be filled in by a single word. Fill in each with the word which is appropriate. [Do write the sentences.]                  
1. We have been living ……this town ……eight years.
2. The ceremony is scheduled to take place …..Sunday ……6.p.m.
3. The farmer’s sons quarreled …… themselves …… over the share of profit.
4. The tiger was killed …… a stranger ….. a rifle.
5. His application ….. the job was not turned…….
b. Rewrite as directed the sentences given below according to the instruction given after each and making other changes that may be necessary, without changing the meaning of each sentence.
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