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English 2

Literature in English
(Two hours)         
Answer to this Paper must be written on the
paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the
first 15 minutes
This time is to be spent in reading the
question paper.
The time given at the head of this Paper is
the time allowed for writing the answers
Attempt one question each from Section A, B and C and any
other two questions.
You should answer five questions in all. All the questions carry equal marks

Section A
 The Merchant of Venice: William
Question 1
Read the given extract and answer the
questions that follow:
father was ever virtuous; and holy men at their
have good inspirations: therefore the lottery,
That he
hath devised in these three chests of gold,
and lead, whereof who chooses his meaning
you, will, no doubt, never be chosen by any
but one who shall rightly love.
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