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Question 1

Formal Letter

The Proprietor

Name of the Shop


Points to be included.

  1. Name of the book
  2. Date and time when the book was lost
  3. The place in the shop where you think you might have left the book.
  4. Any distinguishing mark.
  5. Request to help find the book.
  6. Request to inform you if the book is found.

Question 2

Join the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but or so.

  1. Since there was nothing to do, we went home.
  2. While I was going to school, I saw Tom.

iii. I have purchased some very beautiful pens..

Question 3

Fill in each blank in the following sentences with an appropriate word. [2]

  1. I don`t know what prevented him from attending the meeting.
  2. He was told to put on the black shoes.
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ICSE 2019 English 1 Practice Paper 1
Question 1          [5+5]
(a) You are the President of a children’s club in your locality. You and your team are planning to organise a programme to celebrate Teachers Day.
Write a notice to be put up in the local Supermarket, giving details of the programme to create an awareness of the event.
(b) Write an e-mail to the General Manager of the Supermarket seeking permission to display the notice and requesting a sponsorship for the event.
Question 2
(a) Rewrite the following sentences as per the directions given without changing the meaning of any of the sentence:              [8]
1. Hide the letter. Your friend may read it.  
(use: lest)
2. The lion did not intend to hurt the clown. 
(Use the noun form of intend)
3. As soon as the film is over, the audience rush to the exit.  
(Begin: No sooner)
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