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ICSE 2019  English
Paper 1:Grammar and Composition:Practice Paper 4

Time: One hour                                                                                                                               Marks: 40
Question 1
Write a letter to the editor of a
newspaper showing your concern for the lack of safety of children in the school
buses and autorickshaws.                                                                                                                    [10]
Question 2                              
(a)    On
the occasion of National Literacy Day, the school has decided to organise a
campaign called ‘Each one teach one’. The secretary of the Literary Society,
wants to call a meeting of the office bearers of the society to discuss the
arrangements for the campaign. Write a notice to be displayed on the School
notice board regarding this meeting.
(b)   Write an email, as
the secretary of the Literary Society,
to the Principal of the School with reference to the matter
mentioned in the Notice mentioned above.                                                                                    [5+5]
Question 3
(a)    In the following passage, fill in
each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in
brackets. Do not copy the passage but write in correct serial order the word or
phrase appropriate to the blank space.      
We are often ……1……(cruel) to animals
intentionally or unintentionally, for example, ……2……(kill) animals for food or
for their fur.
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