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ICSE English 2020 Grammar and Composition Practice Test 030220

Question 1

You have been asked by a local daily to interview a famous personality. Write a letter to the person you have to interview requesting him/her to allow you for the interview.

(Hints: name of the daily-purpose of the interview- name of the personality-request to interview- convenient date and time).

Question 2

You have received by courier a book which you have ordered. You find that the book is damaged. Write a letter to the Manager of the publishing company requesting him to make amends for the damage.

Question 3

Rewrite the following according to the instructions given after each. Do not alter the meaning. You have to make sentence say the same thing in a different way:

  1. The misunderstanding was my fault, so I apologized. (Begin with: I apologized…)
  2. She won the tournament, so I congratulated her. (Use: on winning)
  3. He has enemies but he has bodyguards to protect him. (Begin with: His bodyguards…)
  4. She eats only fruit and vegetables. (Rewrite using: She lives…)
  5. Do you believe in ghosts? ( End with: exists)
  6. Who replaced the good chair with a broken one? (Use substitute instead of ‘replaced’)
  7. Priya said, ‘I am never going to trust you again.’(Begin with: Priya said that…)
  8. The price of all goods has risen recently.
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ICSE English Grammar Questions 2016

Question 1
(a) Fill in each of the numbered blanks with the correct form of the word given in brackets. Do not copy the passage, but write in correct serial order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space.
(0) He had been (0) ___ (sit) on the bank of a small irrigation canal        Answer: sitting
He was (1) ___ (gaze) at a couple of heron (2) ____ (fish) in the muddy water, when he (3) ____ (feel) something bump his elbow. (4) ____(look) around, he ___(find) at his side a little goat, jet black and soft as velvet with lovely grey eyes. Neither her owner nor her mother (6)_____(be) around. She continued to (7) ____(nudge) Mukesh, so he (8)_____(look) in his pocket for nourishment. [4]
(b) Fill in each blank with an appropriate word:
(i) There was steep rise …… onion prices.
(ii) Air pollution is responsible for the spread …… bronchitis.
(iii) He was…… pressure to complete the work.
(iv) Joan jumped…… the river to rescue the child.
(v) His teacher is very pleased…… him.
(vi) Ali took…… his cap and wiped his face.
(vii) The old woman could not get…… the shock.
(viii) He should not get…… with such rudeness.
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