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Literature in English Julius Caesar Revision Test Two
 Question 1
You know that you are Brutus that speaks this,
            Or, by the gods, this speech were else your last.
             The name of Cassius honours this corruption,
  And chastisement doth therefore hide his head.
a.       Where are Brutus and Cassius at this time? Relate briefly what charge Brutus lays against Cassius.
b.      Explain the meaning of Brutus’ words.
c.       In the argument which continues between these two, Brutus accuses Cassius of other faults. Point out two of these faults, and say how Cassius reacted to these accusations. Do you think Brutus was being fair to Cassius?
d.      What sort of corruption is referred to in the extract? What has been the reaction of Cassius, just before this extract, to this accusation?
e.       What does the ides of March signify to them? For which purpose did Brutus say that Julius bled ‘for justice sake?
f.       What is the dramatic importance of this dialogue? In what ways does it influence the subsequent course of action in the play?
Question 2
Coming from Sardis, on our former ensign
Two mighty eagles fell, and there they perch’d,
Gorging and feeding from our soldiers’ hands,
Who to Philippi here consorted us.
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