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Portrait of a Lady

Khushwant Singh

The story is a insight of Khushwant Singh of his grandmother through his own eyes. Khushwant Singh remembers his grandmother as an everlastingly old person. She was an extremely religious person. He finds it difficult to conceptualise that once she too was young and pretty like other women. The stories about her childhood games were like fairytales to him. She was short, fat and somewhat hunched in stature. Her silvery white hair used to spread out on her wrinkled face.

Khushwant Singh remembers her limping around the house in spotless white clothes with one hand resting on her waist to balance her stoop and the other busy in telling the beads of her rosary. Her lips constantly moved inaudibly in prayers. Perhaps she was not beautiful in a temporal sense but she looked extremely beautiful with the peacefulness, serenity and the contentment her face exhibited.
Khushwant’s relationship with his grandmother experienced several switches when he was a small boy. In the first stage Khushwant lived in a village with her as his parents were looking for the chance to settle down in the city.
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