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Question 4
a. In the
following passage, fill in each numbered blank with the correct form of the
word given in brackets. (Do not copy the passage, but write in correct serial
order the word or phrase appropriate to the blank space.) [4]
……… (0)…….. are showing

2. organised
3. are
4. to prepare 
5. is situated
6. availability
7. is located
8. stranded

b. Fill in
the blanks with an appropriate word:

1. The
leader of the gang was accustomed to flattery.
2. Do not
deal in rogues; they will cheat you.
3. Child
marriage prevails among certain tribes in India.
4. None
could persuade him from withdrawing from the competition.
5. The young
tree was bent under the weight of the snow
6. The
compromise was agreed upon by the two warring factions.
7. We should
sympathise with the poor.
8. A
complaint was lodged against the corrupt official student.
c. Join each
of the following sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but
or so:
1. Either
you or I will come to the film.
2. The
handwriting was so bad that no one could read the letter.
The handwriting
was too bad for anyone to read the letter
3. Seeing
the cat lurking, the sparrow flies away.
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