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Poetry Study Aid: I Believe: Brucelish Sangma

Despite its apparent simplicity, the
poem I Believe is highly symbolic and deeply philosophical. The
fundamental assertion of the poem is the celebration of the countless longings
and abilities of man. Man’s aspirations are majestic and boundless and the poet
Brucellish Sangma firmly believes that man is endowed with the abilities and
competence to fulfill his boundless desires and lofty ideals.  Working hard with determination and purpose,
man is capable of accomplishing all that he aspires to.  The poet believes that a human being can soar
to unimaginable prominences and overcome numerous barriers to arrive at his or
her life’s objective.
The poem has the feel of a Japanese
haiku poem, with its three-lined stanzas- each stanza an entity in itself. The
six haiku-like stanzas, each stanza consisting only of a single sentence,
cumulatively assert the recurring theme of the poem- the infinite capacities of
man and his limitless dreams and untold aspirations. The poem is written in a
simple style and is in Vers libre – in free verse with no specific rhyme scheme
or steady weave of rhythm. The poet recourses to the use of the poetic
technique Anaphora by deliberately repeating the phrase ‘I believe’ at the
start of each stanza.
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