Category : Poetry Study Aid- Ode to Duty William Wordsworth Part One

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William Wordsworth
Wordsworth wrote the poem Ode to Duty at a time of intense mental strife when his morale was at low point. As the vigour and confidence of youth was draining out, he attempted to restore his moral confidence through the writing of the poem.

He personifies Duty throughout the poem and Duty is almost a metaphor for God or God’s Will. He addresses duty as the austere and rigorous daughter of the Voice of God. The he says that he calls her Duty because he believes that Duty like her name and its connotations.
Duty or a sense of Duty is the guiding light which helps an individual to find his right way in the moral desolation of this world. Moreover, Duty is a truncheon- a corrective rod– a remedial determinant that prevents everyone from making mistakes and keeps them from straying into evil ways.
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