Category : Poetry Study Aid: The Inchcape Rock: Robert Southey

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Inchcape Rock

Inchcape Rock by Robert Southey is a popular ballad based on
the famous legend of the Inchcape Rock. The Rock is a dangerous reef or a
submerged rock in the east coast of Scotland. The Rock was notorious as it
caused the wreck of many ships resulting in the loss of scores of lives and a
great deal of valuable cargo.

To save the seafarers from
the deadly perilous Rock, an abbot devised a contraption called the Inchcape
Bell. The Inchcape Bell was a bell floating on a buoy and attached with a rope
to the Inchcape Rock. When the sea was stormy and rough, the wild movement of
the buoy caused the Bell to ring loud. The ringing of the Bell alerted the
sailors to the proximity of the Inchcape Rock so that they could navigate away
to safety.
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