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Active Passive Voice Exercise 1

Change the voice of the following sentences 
1. Pandora opened the box. 
2. He will ask a question. 
3. Anna do not clean our classrooms. 
4. The mechanic will repair our fridge.
5. Did William draw this cartoon? 
6. Could you post this letter?
7. The Finns make these mobiles in Korea. 
8. The Indians often throw the garbage on the streets. 
9. Someone damaged our fence last night. 
10. The service personnel have already fixed the printer. 
11. We always have our lunch with our colleagues. 
12. The painters are painting the penthouse. 
13. She should not change her attitude. 
14. People are spending a lot of money during the festive season.
15. Susanne was advised many times to stop giggling in class.  
16. The children were disappointed by the film.
17. Rex was persuaded by his colleague to go for a vacation. 
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