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Subject Verb Agreement

Rewrite for each of the following sentences with the appropriate verb choice sentences.
1. Simran is the only one of the students who (have, has) passed the trial.
2. The lengthiest of the demonstrations (is, are) the following unit.
3. The soldiers and their Commander (is, are) going to the border.
4. Either one of the groups (is, are) going to upset the agenda.
5. Nobody (is, are) brave enough to test the Commander when he is wrong.
6. The Committee or the managers (is, are) holding a conference.
7. Neither of the girls (has, have) been to the U.K.
8. Which (is, are) more attractive, the bright pullovers or the neutral jerseys?
9. (Has, Have) the culprit or the lawyer approached him?
10. Jamila, as well as her sister, (is, are) in London now.
11. Several of the spectators (has, have) went.
12. Both of the children (has, have) a scar on the left arm.
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