Category : Preposition

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accuse of :
He was accused of robbing the bank. (not for)
afraid of :
My mother is afraid of cats.
angry at, angry with:
We are angry with a person; angry at something the person does or says.
My father was angry with my prodigal brother.
My father was angry at my refusal.

approve of :
The Principal approved of the student’s plan to conduct a survey.
arrive at :
I usually arrive at the school at 8.45.a.m
After a protracted discussion, they arrived at an amicable solution.
cure of , cure for:
The doctor cured my aunt of her bronchitis.
The imported drug he gave cured her of the illness.
When cure is a remedy , it cure for.
There is no known cure for common cold.
Ginger is a cure for flatulence.
live: the cow lives on grass.
His wages are sufficient for his family  to live on.
When ‘live’ means ‘to earn a living’ , use ‘by’.
Raj lives by farming.

make and made:
Flour is made of wheat. (the substance is not actually changed but only changed into another object)
His jackets are made from the finest leather.( a substance changed into another and a new substance is formed)

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