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Write a letter to the Warden of the Home for Orphaned Children asking whether you can spend a day every month with the children. Moreover, convince the warden how your presence will benefit the children. Format: Formal Letter Points: Self Introduction-Name, residence, occupation, etc. Expressing your wish to spend a day every month with orphans. The benefits- to you and to the children. Request grant your desire. Question 2 Rewrite as directed: [10] 1. Robert said, “Let us call a taxi.” (Change the narration) Robert suggested that we should call a taxi. 2. Rachel has the speed to outrun most of the girls in our school. (Begin: Few Girls…) Few girls in our school has the speed to outrun Rachel. 3. The book was rather interesting. (Begin: It…) It was rather an interesting book. 4. I had never had such a tedious journey. (Begin: No other…) No other journey I ever had was as tedious as this. 5. But for his last minute goal; we would have lost the match. (Begin: Had…) Had he not scored at the last minute, we would have lost the match. 6. She is very beautiful but she is not clever. (Begin: She is not as ….) She is not as clever as she is beautiful.… Read More “Answers:Grammar and Composition: Revision Test: July 26, 2010 Answers”