Category : Verbs followed by Prepositions Part One

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Part One

abandoned to
disown, reject
absorbed in
lost in something, immersed in
adapt to
to adjust
adverse to
unfavourable , not in the interest of
afraid of
agree to
agree to (something) We agreed to their proposal.
agree with
agree with (someone) We agreed with them.
  alert to
quick to perceive, wary of

ask for
to enquire
apart from
In addition to, separate
attentive of
giving attention to
aware of
know, to have prior knowledge
back out
withdraw, unable to keep a word
back up
to give support, assist
blind to
Ignorant of. He is blind to his friend’s flaws.
bound for
travelling to.  The ship is bound for Karachi.
bound to
certain to, probable, likely to
break down
out of order The car broke down on the way.
to lose calm.
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