Category : Verbs Follwed by Preposition Part Two

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Most Commonly Used Verbs Followed by Preposition  
Part Two
dedicate to

devoted to, give entirely to something or someone

deprive of

to take away something

derive from

to make something from another

divert from

alter the direction or course of action

efficient in

expert at . skilful in

eligible for

qualified for or worthy of

exempt from

leave out, omit

fall in


fall out

disagree with , quarrel over

get along

manage with

get away


get in

enter (conveyance)

get off

send a mail

give away

distribute/ reveal a secret / disclose something

give in

yield/accede to, submit to someone or something

give up

abandon doing something

good at

efficient, skillful

guilt of

have a sense of guilt

hand over

to give the charge/relived of

hint at

to indicate something

inquire into

to check

interfere with

give opinion without being asked for

invite to

invite to dinner/lunch

known for


long for

express a wish

look at

look at something

look after

to take care of

look into

investigate/see into

look forward to

to guess/anticipate

make up

recover/apply cosmetics/compensate for

operate on

do operation

over come by


pass away


patch up

compromise in a quarrel

peculiar to

distinguished nature

pick out

to choose

pick up

increase/arrange in an order/lift in a car

pile up

accumulation of work, etc.
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