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Such as
Usually, such
is used to present an example or examples of something we have
referred to. When we introduce a list of examples, we use a comma before such
. However, if we present only one example, the coma is not used before
1.     Junk foods, such as Pizza and Burger, are not
good for health.
2.     We are planning to visit a historic monument
such as Charminar this summer.
We can use like instead of such as to present
examples; but in formal contexts such as is always preferred.
Ú Nota bene
1.     Do not use only as to present examples:
People like tearjerker dramas, such as The Lady with the
Broom and The Weeping Widow.
Not: as The Lady with the Broom and The Weeping Widow
2.     Do not use such as to compare things:
The school
children wore Khaki coloured uniforms like the military uniforms.
Not:  such as the military uniforms.


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