Grammar Bytes: The ampersand (&)

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The ampersand

The ampersand (&) is a symbol for and

File:Et sign.svg

We should not use the ampersand (&) in formal writings.  

We can use the ampersand when the rest of the name is also an abbreviation (P&T) and in common expressions (R&D).

Note that there are no spaces on either side of the ampersand in such instances.

Often, we use an ampersand for names of companies, such as  Menon @ Menon and Mills & Boons.
Most of the students nowadays use the ampersand in forma writings very often and haphazardly:
Richard & Mary came yesterday. 
The cart was loaded & sent away.
This is a ‘spill over’ influence from ‘Texting’ and should be avoided.
We should always spell out the word and in these cases.  


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