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Grammar Test 1
Time: 25 minutes Max Marks: [20]
a) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each of them, Make other changes necessary, but do not change the meaning of the sentence. [10]
(i) Raphael was driving the car. He was listening to the radio. (Combine without using and or but)

(ii) Serena won the race. She retained her overall record. (Begin: Not only ….)

(iii) The tourist said to me “I cannot see any landmarks in this guide. Can you direct me to the railway station today as you did yesterday? ” (Change the narration.)
(iv) If it rains, the farmers will be relieved. (Use ‘unless’ in place of ‘if’)

(v) The astronomers were fascinated by the phenomenon of the yellow moon. (Change the voice)
(vi)The crowd blocked off the road. Immediately the police came in swarms. (Use: No sooner….)
(vii) The book is so boring to me that I will not recommend it to anyone. (Use: too)
(viii) Our school team is one of the strongest in the tournament. (Begin: Very few…..)
(ix) He was courageous enough to face the dreadful enemy. (Use: courage)
(x) Is your friend always reliable? (Use: rely)

b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words: [10]
(i) The government is worried …….the consequences of the meeting with the rebels.
(ii) The vacuum locks ……. the flavour of its content.
(iii) A true leader is not overwhelmed ……… criticism.
(iv) We should translate our dreams ……… reality.
(v) The Captain is entrusted…….. unlimited powers.
(vi) The child was entrusted ……. the care of the matrons.
(vii) There is no meaning in quarrelling ……..trifles.
(viii) The workers are entitled ……………. yearly bonus.
(ix) The judge set…….. the judgment of the lower court.
(x) We should stand …….our friends in an hour of crisis.]]>

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