ICSE 2019 English 1 Practice Paper 3

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ICSE 2019 English 1 Practice Paper 3

Question 1                                                                                                                             [5+5]
You are John, Secretary of the Sports Club of St. John Public
School, Mangalore. Write a notice asking students interested in Football to
give their names for the selection of the school Football team. Give details of
trial, selection and any other relevant details.
With reference to the above notice, write an email to your
Principal and send a copy of the email to the Physical Education Teacher regarding
the selection of the school Hockey team.
Question 2                                                                                                                  
Read the
following passage and answer the questions a, b and c that follow:
There was a
young student-archer who reached such proficiency in his art that he could
shoot an arrow into a tree and then cleave that arrow into two with the
next shot. He began to boast that he was a greater archer than his guru.
One day his
guru, a venerable old man in his 70’s, asked the youth to accompany him on a
trip across the hills. The journey was uneventful until they came to a deep
A single log
spanned the chasm. The guru walked down to the centre of the log, unshouldered
his bow and taking an arrow shot it into a tree on the other side. His next
shot cleaved the first arrow into two.
“Now it’s
your turn,” he said, walking back to where his student was standing.
The youth
stepped gingerly on the log and very slowly and carefully made his way
to the middle. But his heart was in his mouth. He knew that if he lost his
footing, he would plunge to his death. His hands trembled as he strung an arrow
into his bow. Preoccupied with the danger he was in, he found it hard to
focus on the target. Consequently, when he let go of the arrow, it missed the
tree altogether. Whimpering, he turned around.
me!” he shouted to his guru. “I’ll fall!”  The old man walked up to him, took his hand
and stepping backwards led him to safety. Neither of them said a word on the
return journey but the boy had much to think about. He had realized that to be
a master of his art it was not enough to know how to control the bow, he had to
learn how to control his mind too.
Give the meaning of the following words as used in the
      One word answers or short phrases will be
Answer the following questions briefly in your own words.
What did the young archer boast about? Why?                                                     [2]
What is the journey referred to here?                                                                                
What did the Guru do when they came to the yawning gap?                                            [2]               
How did the young archer approach the task?                                                                [1]
What did the young archer learn from the incident?                                                       

In not more than 50 words, write a summary of the story.                                                      ]]>

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