ICSE English 2020 Grammar and Composition Practice Test 030220

ICSE English 2020 Grammar and Composition Practice Test 030220

Question 1

You have been asked by a local daily to interview a famous personality. Write a letter to the person you have to interview requesting him/her to allow you for the interview.

(Hints: name of the daily-purpose of the interview- name of the personality-request to interview- convenient date and time).

Question 2

You have received by courier a book which you have ordered. You find that the book is damaged. Write a letter to the Manager of the publishing company requesting him to make amends for the damage.

Question 3

Rewrite the following according to the instructions given after each. Do not alter the meaning. You have to make sentence say the same thing in a different way:

  1. The misunderstanding was my fault, so I apologized. (Begin with: I apologized…)
  2. She won the tournament, so I congratulated her. (Use: on winning)
  3. He has enemies but he has bodyguards to protect him. (Begin with: His bodyguards…)
  4. She eats only fruit and vegetables. (Rewrite using: She lives…)
  5. Do you believe in ghosts? ( End with: exists)
  6. Who replaced the good chair with a broken one? (Use substitute instead of ‘replaced’)
  7. Priya said, ‘I am never going to trust you again.’(Begin with: Priya said that…)
  8. The price of all goods has risen recently. (End with: risen)
  9. Sanjeev said we might pluck mangoes from his fruit orchard. (Use: permission)
  10. Robert is not such a good player as Prerna. (Use: than)
  11. She claimed that she had said nothing about it. (Use: denied)
  12. Navin informed the police of the murder. (Begin with: Navin reported)
  13. Nobody will deny that our players played well. (Begin with: Everybody…)
  14. The new regulation made the people happy. (End with: … to the people.)
  15. Rakesh said that what happened was Poonam’s fault. (Begin with: Rakesh blamed…)
  16. You always say everything is my fault. (End with: … everything)
  17. I think the increase in violent crime is because of television. (Begin with: Television…)
  18. His parents do not approve of what he does. (End with: … by his parents)
  19. It is too hot for us to sit outside. (Use: ‘so… that’)
  20. She could not afford to buy the computer as she was poor. (Begin with: Being…)
  21. The hotel has enough rooms for three hundred people. (Use: accommodate)
  22. We have difficulty in saving money. (Begin with: It is difficult…)
  23. If the thief apologizes, he will be pardoned. (Use: ‘unless’)
  24. When he scored a goal, the applause rang out. (End…. the applause)
  25. Many things amuse him. (Begin: He…..)
  26. “Do you like swimming, Rohan?” Rosa asked. ( Removed the inverted commas)
  27. Whatever he says, he does the opposite. (Begin: No…)
  28. One more mistake and you are out. (Begin: If…)
  29. Linda felt many times but kept going. (Begin: Though….)
  30. “You would better see the doctor, Mary,” Mark said. (Change the narration)           

Question 4

Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

  1. ‘I’d love to visit every country ___________ the world.’
  2. ‘Is there a bank near here?’ Yes, there’s one _________ the end of the street.’
  3. ‘Some parts of the film were a bit stupid but _________ the whole, I enjoyed it.’
  4. ‘I wonder what’s _________ television this evening.’
  5. The boy persists __________ telling lies.
  6. Mohan is quick _________ figures.
  7. They rejoiced __________ their success.
  8. He revenged himself__________ his enemies.
  9. We went to our house ___________ foot.
  10. She was born __________ rich parents.
  11. The final decision rests___________ principal.
  12. Ajit proved false ____________ his friends.
  13. Don’t jump ___________ hasty conclusions.
  14. She apologized to you _________ her mistake.
  15. She was confined __________ bed with fever.
  16. He has a passion __________ reading detective stories.
  17. The police searched ___________ the culprit everywhere.
  18. The country mourns ____________ its dead.
  19. The judge acquitted him ____________ murder.
  20. I see no cause ___________ anxiety.
  21. One should not confide one’s secrets _____________ every one.
  22. A leader must be true ___________ his words.
  23. The teacher has great influence ____________ his pupils.
  24. The wife stood ……him at all times.
  25. True happiness consists ……contentment.
  26. The river abounds ……fish.
  27. Our ship is bound……Singapore.
  28. They will fight ……the last man.
  29. The portrait is true……life.
  30. He always failed ……want of help.

Question 5

  1. Join each of the following pairs of sentences without using and or but:
  2. I received a telegram from my brother. I had to write to him for clarification.
  3. The aerated water tasted peculiar. It had to be disposed of.
  4. Selling second-hand cars is good business today. It makes one rich quickly.
  5. The family was simple. They decided not to have an extravagant wedding.
  6. Karan has untidy habits. This upset his aunt very much.
  7. I will be studying. Ravi will arrive at the airport
  8. Simran is going to phone me on Wednesday. I will let you know then.
  9. I wrote letters all afternoon. I heard the explosion.
  10. I worked in the kitchen. My mother phoned to check if I was at home.
  11. I didn’t go home. I was afraid.
  12. I met Ravi. I was happy. Oscar was ill. I was sorry.
  13. We saw them. We were surprised.
  14. He didn’t tell the children. He was ashamed.
  15. We are moving to Bangalore. Bangalore is in the south.
  16. This is Vikas. We stayed in Vikas’s house for our holiday.
  17. I met Sita’s father. He works at the university.
  18. Akhil is studying French and German. He has never been abroad.
  19. There were many good things to eat. It was almost impossible to choose from.
  20. I tried hard to remember his name. I just couldn’t recall it.
  21. He explained to me several times how to do the problem. I still get it wrong.
  22. I often go for a walk in the park. What about you?
  23. He was punished. He was annoyed.
  24. The murder was committed last night. The man has been caught.
  25. He is innocent. I am sure of it.
  26. Rama is more intelligent. Hema is less intelligent.
  27. The musician is stuck in a traffic jam. I think so.
  28. Riana is pretty. Riana is not clever.
  29. The children came out of school. The policeman stopped the traffic immediately.
  30. The students are on a project. They have almost finished.
  31. He is slow. He is sure.


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