ICSE IX and X Grammar and Composition Practice Test 181219

ICSE IX and X Grammar and Composition Practice Test 181219

Time: One hour      Maximum Marks: 25

Question 1
Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
The story “Federigo’s Falcon” written by Giovanni Boccaccio, set in the 14th century Italy, narrates the story of a gifted young man who falls into poverty while trying to woo the woman he loves. Federigo is celebrated both for his dexterity with weapons and his chivalry. Federigo falls in love with Monna Giovanna, one of the most beautiful and charming women in Florence and spends his money exorbitantly to court her. She, however, ignores his advances, and Federigo is forced into poverty in the country with only his prized falcon as his sole companion.
Monna Giovanna’s husband dies, and she moves to the country with her son for her mourning period. The two live near Federigo, and the son often spends time with the man. Regrettably, the boy falls ill and asks for Federigo’s falcon to cure him. The mother is disturbed at the thought of taking Federigo’s only means of livelihood, but she decides to try in the interest of her son.
Federigo welcomes Monna Giovanna into his house, but shortly he becomes nervous when he grasps that he has nothing to feed her for dinner. Because he has nothing nice enough to serve her, Federigo roasts the falcon and serves it for dinner. Not knowing what she has eaten, Monna Giovanna then tells Federigo that she needs his falcon to make her son well. Then he becomes inconsolable and bursts into tears and explains what has happened. Monna Giovanna goes home empty-handed.
Unfortunately, the son passes away within a few days. After a while, Monna Giovanna’s brothers tell her she should remarry. She remembers how Federigo honoured her and decides she will have no other man. She declares that she will have no one but Federigo. They marry and live happily for the rest of their days.

Reworking of Federigo’s Falcon
from The Decameron- Giovanni Boccaccio

a) Give the meaning of the following words or phrases as used in the passage. One word answers or short phrases will be accepted.                                                                                                                                                                                   [3]
i. court
ii. inconsolable
iii. no one but
b) Answer these questions in your own words.
i. What was Federigo famous for?                                                                                                                                           [2]
ii. Whom did he woo? Where did she live?                                                                                                                             [2]
iii. Why was Federigo forced to live in the country? Who was his companion there?                                                            [1]
iv. Why did Federigo’s old flame move to the country?                                                                                                          [2]
v. What did Federigo’s darling request him?                                                                                                                            [2]
c) Write, in not more than 50 words of your own, what happened in the country between Federigo and his sweetheart.      [8]
Question 2
Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each and making other changes that may be necessary, without changing the meaning of each sentence.                                                                                                    [5]
i. Probably, Janaki will never return home. (Begin: In….)
ii. They were filled with terror at the gruesome sight. (Use the verb form of terror)
iii. Jamila was the oldest woman present. (Use: ‘old’)
iv. The police were too slow to catch the thief. (Use: so…. that)
v. The lonely man leads a most unfortunate life. (End:……lead)

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