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images Revision Test: Composition and Grammar


Answer 1                                                                                                                              

Letter of Application for a Job
Model Letter

Plot No 5 Sector 7

Manus Road
Hyderabad 500001
04 July, 2010.

The General Manager
Krypton Developers Pvt. Ltd
Hadrons Road
Chennai 600048

Points to be included
1. Reference to the Advertisement The Hindu dated 16 June 2010
2. Apply for the post of Assistant Manager-Sales: Chennai
3. Name, Age or Date of Birth, attitude.
4. Details of Educational Qualification:
· Matriculation from (Name of the Institution), Year
· Graduation (Subject) from (Name of the Institution), Year
· MBA from (Name of the Institution), Year (Subject: Sale and Marketing)
5. Experience if any: Details of experience: Organisation – Nature of work- Duration.
6. Extra Curricula Activities if any: Details
7. Photostat copies of the Certificates and Testimonials enclosed.
8. Original to be presented at the time of the interview.
9. Request to consider the application for the post.
10. Any other relevant information.

Yours faithfully,
John Smith

Question 2 Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each and making other changes that may be necessary, without changing the meaning of any sentence.                                        
1. To the best of my knowledge, he is vegetarian. (Begin: As far as ….)
As far as I know, he is a vegetarian.
2. The train journey from Kolkata to Asansol takes three hours. (Begin: It is a ….)
It is a three-hour train journey from Kolkata to Asansol.
3. The peon cannot leave unless I permit him. (Use: without)
The peon cannot leave without my permission.
4. ‘Kindly leave the bag here, Madam’, said the porter. (Change the narration)
The porter requested the lady to leave the bag there.
5. The tea is so hot that I cannot drink it. ( Remove: so….that)
The tea is too hot for me to drink.
6. He was a poet as well as a statesman. (Combine to make a negative sentence)
Not only was he poet but also a statesman.
7. As soon as the awards were announced, the winners walked to the podium. (Begin: No sooner…)
No sooner were the awards announced than the winners walked to the podium.
8. No one came as late as Diana to the party. . (Change to superlative)
Diana was the last to come to the party.
9. The thought of being alone terrified her. (Change the voice)
She was terrified by the thought of being alone.
10. Put your books aside, people may fall over them. (Use: lest)
Put your books aside away, lest people should fall over them.
Question 3 Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition [5]
1) I looked after my nephew while his parents went out.
2) We should not look down upon the poor.
3) Farmers look forward to a better standard of living.
4) The principal promised to look into her case.
5) I am trying to look for my key.

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