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Journey by Night
Singh was the son of Sher Singh Bahadur – the brave and famous Shikari who had got
the title Bahadur for his hunting skills. One day when his father was away in
the jungle on a photographic expedition with some strangers, Sher Singh’s younger
brother Kunwar fell seriously ill. His mother gave some home remedy to Kunwar
without success. So she felt that Kunwar had to be carried to the hospital in Kalaghat.
As his father and the elders in the village were away and as his mother ought
to look after the cattle and the farming, Sher Singh decided to carry Kunwar to
the hospital. She Singh’s mother made a sling from her sari for Sher Singh to carry
the evening Sher Singh began the journey to Kalaghat carrying his brother in
the sling.
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