English Grammar Practice Test 131211

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            <![CDATA[<span style="font-family: Times, 'Times New Roman', serif; font-size: small;">Question 1</span><br />

Rewrite the following sentences as per the directions given
1. It can be very interesting to listen to the radio. (Begin: Listening…)
2. Start now or you will not arrive in time. (Begin: You…)
3. In your place, I would ask for a better reward. (Begin: If…)
4. He tried harder and harder but achieved less and less. (Begin: The…)
5. The bag was so heavy that it could not be carried. ( Use: too
6. Your answers need correcting. ( Use: corrected)
7. Very few people are as honest as Mrs. Jacob. ( Use: most)
8. As soon as they write the exam, they start discussing the answers. (Begin: No ….)
9. If you had not advised me, I would have been deceived. (Begin: But…)
10. The sudden knock startled her. ( Change the voice)
Question 2
Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:
1.The corrupt official was relieved ……..his duties.
2.I count ___________ your timely help.
3.The salesman did not come __________ to her expectations.

4.We must live _____________ honest work.
5.This shop deals __________ imported pens.
6.He is blind …… his beloved’s flaws.
Question 3
Rewrite the following sentences after filling in the correct form of the word given in brackets:
1. He came first in the race and stood ___________ on the victory stand. (triumph)
2. He was _____________ enough to face the dreadful enemy. (courage)
3. Is your friend always _____________? (rely)
4. He swam __________ to reach the shore. (despair)
5. Please __________ the photo-frame on the wall. (straight)]]>

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