English Grammar Practice Test 21-12-11

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Question 1
Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given in brackets. Do not alter the meaning of any sentence though you can make necessary modifications in the answers.
1. George did not realise that he had committed an error. [Begin: Little …]
2. I do not care which portfolio in the cabinet I am offered. [Begin: I care very…]
3. Rachel must apologise or else she will be punished. [Use: apology]
4. He succeeded in completing the assignments although he was ill. [Use: Despite…]
5. If I had not intervened in the matter, it would have had a drastic consequence. [Begin: But…]
6. The granny opened the door and her pet dog ran out. [End: dog]

7. If a fire breaks out, use the emergency exit. [Begin: In case of ….]
8. Always use a standard dictionary. Do not use the three-penny ones. [Use: in lieu of]
9. “Have you heard of the Yeti, Mohan?” , said Meera. [ Change into a statement]
10. Rosa was so sure of winning the race that she skipped her daily practice. [Begin: So….]
11. Caesar’s overbearing pride was the reason for his tragic fall. [Use: proud]
12. Joan was pretty .She was not intelligent. [combine using as]
13. If you need any help, call the Customer Care. [Begin: Should…]
14. They believe that honey is the ambrosia on earth. [Change the voice]
15. You have to persevere in order to prove yourself in life. [Use: so that]


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