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ICSE English Letter: Formal Letter Format

House Name .No
Street Name /No
7 February, 2010.
Joy Villa
Park Street
Ariosto Nagar
7 February, 2010.]
The Editor
Approach to ICSE English
Shakespeare Avenue
Sir, or Madam,

Content of the letter in a formal /Official style.

Yours faithfully,
Full Name
( Always sign an Official/a Formal Letter Letter;write your full name with initials or surname; e.g John Smith or John.S.)
You can also write Yours truly,
Remember the comma and do not forget the signature.

Letter Format
There is no New Format or Old Format. There are only three formats: Intended Format, Block Format, and entirely on the Left Side Format. Always use any one Format.
All the ‘Anonymous’ , please, do not confuse or mislead the children with your ignorance or misinformation.


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