Grammar Revision Questions

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Question 1
Rewrite the sentences according to the directions
given after each:        

1.      Students often find
homework uninteresting. . (Begin with: It is …)
2.      Try again and you will
solve the problem. (Begin with: Unless…)
3.       We shall hear
Rafi’s voice no more. (Begin with: Alas! Rafi’s voice…)
4.      ‘I did not inform you of
the test,’ said Kiran to Ravi. (Use: apologized)
5.      Robert started to play
cricket a year ago. (Begin with: Robert has …)

An Approach to ICSE

Question 2

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the
word/words given in brackets:     
1.      If he doesn’t come,
 we _______________ the picnic. (postpone)
2.      If I were as rich as
John, I ______________ you with money. (help)
3.      She would never come to
the wedding if __________ her. (not invite)
4.      If you __________ a
taxi, you would get there in time. (take)
Rich as he is, he does not squander. (Use: Although…)


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