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Question 1
You are the Secretary of the School Arts Club. Write a letter to of your District Collector requesting him/her to inaugurate a Painting Exhibition to be held in your school next week.

Question 2
You attended a party when you were away on a vacation. On your return, your friends are eager to know how you spent your holidays. Tell them about someone you met at the party who appeared strange to you, bringing out his unusual characteristics and his odd personal appearance.
Question 3
Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:
Martin Luther King, one of the greatest men ever to walk on this earth, started the defence force with which the American Blacks got their rights and gained freedom from the distressing racial discrimination.
Martin was born on January 15, 1929. His family lived on the outskirts of Atlanta.

The fact that he could not play with White children, or that he had to offer a seat in the bus to a White, disturbed him. When he was eight years old, his father a Baptist pastor, told the family a sad story: Bessie Smith, a great singer, met with an accident. An ambulance rushed her to the nearest hospital, but she was not admitted because she was a Black. The ambulance took her from one hospital to another, but she could not find a place for herself because these hospitals were only for the Whites. She died for want of blood. From that day, Martin Luther King dreamt of becoming a liberator of the Blacks.
King completed his studies at More House College, and then earned a doctor’s degree in theology at Boston University. In 1955, King married Alabama Soprano Coretta Scott. That very year he became a pastor and preached his first sermon in the Baptist Church of Atlanta. As a young man, he was greatly impressed by Mahatma Gandhi’s success in the political field and the power of ahimsa. King decided to follow the path of non-violence and get millions of Blacks their due. He felt that the Blacks had immensely contributed towards the building of America, and there was no reason why they should not be treated with respect. King drew national attention in 1956. Since the Blacks were not permitted to sit in the same buses as the Whites, he led a boycott of public buses in Montgomery. A year later, after many arrests and threats, the US Supreme Court gave a ruling that racial segregation of public transport was unlawful. This victory taught the Blacks the power of non-violence. After 1957, King began visiting various places to deliver lectures. Soon he became a powerful orator, drawing the attention of people the world over.
King continued the fight, a peaceful fight, demanding the rights of the Blacks. In 1964, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1967, King led many peaceful demonstrations against the Vietnam War and in 1968 he declared a Poor People s Campaign on April 4 of that very year, while planning a demonstration of striking sanitation workers, he was shot dead by an assassin. (421 words)

a) Give the meaning of:
1. segregation
2. campaign
b) Answer the following briefly:
1. Who was Martin Luther King?
2. What inspired King to dream of becoming the liberator of American Blacks?
3. What taught the Blacks the power of non-violence?
4. How did King die?
c) Write a brief summary of about 60 words about Martin Luther King’s struggle for the American Blacks.
d) Give a suitable title to the summary and justify the choice of the title.
Question 4.Rewrite as directed without changing the meaning: 
1. People grew a lot of rubber in Malaysia. [Begin: A…]
2. He tried harder and harder but achieved less and less. [Begin: The….]
3. “Shall I ask her to wait,” said Pamela. [Change into Reported Speech]
4. It was so late that I could not attend the class. [Use: too]
5. Prizes were being given by the Minister when the lights went out. [Change the voice]
6. If you had not advised me, I would have fallen into the trap. [Begin: But….]
7. I am coming with you. [Provide a suitable question tag]
8. This is the biggest elephant I have ever seen. [Use: big]
9. As soon as Rama starts to run the race, the crowd cheers her. [Begin: No sooner …]
10. Both the answers are wrong. [Begin: Neither….]
11. Neither John nor his friends ……… to blame. [Use: is/are]
12. The United Nations have its headquarters in U.S.A. [Correct the sentence]
13. He is a principled man. [Use: principle]
14. But for my help, she would not have succeeded. Begin: Had…]
15. If he apologizes, he will be pardoned. [Use: Unless…]
16. The teacher asked, “Will you confess your mistake?” [Change into indirect speech]
17. Let the child not be disturbed. [Change into active voice]
18. Very few Prime Ministers are as scholarly as our Prime Minister.
[change into superlative]
19. He is so ill that he cannot not attend the meeting. [Use: too]
20. The task was not pleasant. It was not easy either. [Combine the two sentences]
21. The Principal is calling everyone from this class. [Begin: Everyone…]
22. How kind a person Anurag is! [Begin: What…]
23. It was wrong on the part of the management to dismiss him. [Use: ought]
24. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. [Begin: No other…]
25. There were only a few coins in the purse that Seema lost. [Begin: The purse…]
26. “I do not think I can finish the work by today”, said the plumber.
[Change the narration]
27. There is nothing more beautiful than the sunset. [Begin: Is….]
28. If you do not mend your ways, you will get into trouble. [Begin: Mend…]
29. He is not a reckless driver. [End: recklessly]
30. She exclaimed that Kolkata is a very congested city. [Change into direct speech]
31. Very few foods are as healthy as milk. [Change into superlative]
32. Andrew is the best cobbler in our town. [Change into positive]
33. Hyderabad is one of the cleanest cities in India. [Use: clean]
34. A deer does not run as fast as a cheetah. [Begin: A cheetah…]
35. No other poet is as popular as Shakespeare. [Use: most]
36. Mr. Ram came last of all for the meeting. [Change into positive]
37. Some monuments are perhaps more beautiful than the Taj. [Use: most]
38. ‘Why don’t you sing a song, Rita?’ said Suresh. (Rita)
39. To Iqbal’s surprise, the office was closed. (find)
40. The play I saw last week was better than this one. (good)
Question 5. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:
1. He has great confidence … himself.
2. The miser fell a victim …… his own greed.
3. The government provides the school children ……. free mid-day meals.
4. The difficult route led…. A forest.
5. I am waiting for the letter …… Monday
  1. I have lived in Bangalore …….. 1978.
7. The convict begged …… mercy.
8. Do you believe ……ghosts?
9. Please attend …… what I am saying to you.
10. One is known …..the company one keeps. Keep good company always.
11. I looked _______________ my nephew while his parents went out.
12. We should not look ___________ upon the poor.
13. Farmers look ____________ to a better standard of living.
14. The principal promised to look _____________ her case.
15. I am trying to look ______________ my key.
16. Do you agree ____________ this proposal?
17. The man was charged ___________ theft.
18. The doctor cured her ___________ the disease.
19. The family was shocked ___________ the news.
20. The police are inquiring ___________ the case.
21. Some people have a very strange attitude _____________ animals.
22. The newspaper made a fierce attack ____________ the speaker.
23. There was a steep rise ____________ the cost of living last month.
24. People used to believe that air pollution was the cause _________ malaria.
25. In the long run, there is no alternative ___________ hard work.
26. He is lot more agile __________ I am.
27. The newcomer wanted to know how to get ___________ the bus stop to the bazaar.
28. He did not attend extra classes because ____________ a severe cold.
29. A microscope is provided in the laboratory ___________ the use of pupils.
30. I prefer fast food ___________ any other food.
31. They rejoiced __________ their success.
32. He revenged himself__________ his enemies.
33. We went to our house ___________ foot.
34. She was born __________ rich parents.
35. The final decision rests___________ principal.


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