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Question 2

a)’ Format: Personal Letter
Dear Uncle (Name),
Introductory remarks -· Uncle’s desire – visit an industrial firm-· Purpose of the visit-· Name of the firm.-· Accident-· Plan abandoned-· Expressing sympathy.-· Consoling words-· Assurance to visit on a future date· Concluding remarks

Yours lovingly,/your loving nephew/niece,  
Short or Pet Name
‘Format Official Letter: Complaint-

The Customer Care Executive
Address of the firm
Introduction. – Specify product bought. – Date and Bill No.· Nature of damage.· Unusable-· Request to replace the specified product · Or reimburse the cost of it.
Yours faithfully,
Full name ( with surname or Initials)

b) meanings
i. Mothered = created, produced, generated, etc.
ii. Character = nature, kind, type, etc.
iii. Current = present, recent, contemporary, etc.
(No marks if more than one is meaning given.)
b) Answer the following questions briefly in your own words:
1. The Twentieth century – many new terms for musical styles- variety of music created.
2. Impressionism – diverged from Romanticism -moved towards modern characteristics –systematic– imprecise in structure, delicate in character, – mystifying ambience.
3. Neo-Classicism integrated the music of the Classical era, with regard to simplicity of feel and detachment. This style was based on the Classical era, yet it also blended Renaissance, Baroque, and some modern trends with it.
4. Jazz- mainly an American form- anything from popular music of the twentieth century to the improvised sounds of a dance group. Ragtime, Blues, Swing, Dixieland Jazz, Bop, and Boogie-Woogie- a greater variety in harmony, rhythm, and melody, and are less akin to dance music – also occasionally use techniques and forms from classical music.
5. Arbitrarily choose musical elements and mix them into a piece of music –
6. Electronic music. Electronically created sounds and transform them into a work of music. The most modern trends -electronic music in combination with Jazz.
c) The points are the answers to the Question 3 b).
d) A relevant title with justification
Question 4
1. suffer
2. enhances
3. needs
4. fed
5. to retain
6. studying

  1. We expect them to finish the assignment by Monday.
  2. It is expected of them to finish the assignment.
  3. We are so proud that we will not admit our mistakes.
  4. In spite of being honest/ his honesty, the manager was dismissed.
  5. The government is planning the establishment of a heath centre in the village.
  6. Establishment of a health centre is being planned by the government.
  7. Robert asked Violet whether it was the right way to proceed and asked her whether she could guide him in that task.
  8. No sooner does Oliver see Celia than he falls in love with her.
  9. Had he known how dangerous it was going to be, he would not have attempted it.
  10. Very few countries in the African continent are as deprived as Ethiopia.
  11. It has been a month since my mother’s arrival.
  12. An ambulance took the wounded to the nearby hospital.

c) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions.
 1. He sent her a letter of appreciation by mistake.
 2. The old generator often goes out of order.
 3. She had been suffering from Pneumonia since last week.
 4. The doctor cured her of the illness.
 5. Do you prefer books to films?]]>

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