ICSE 2011 Grammar Test 2 Answers

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            <![CDATA[Question 1<br />

Your school is organizing a tour to a place of historical interest. Write a letter to your father asking permission to join the tour.
Hints to Answer

  • Format Personal Letter
  • From address: School Address
  • Dear Father,
  • Name of the place of historical interest.
  • Importance of the place in brief.
  • Details of the tour: duration, mode of transport, stay if any.
  • Benefit from the tour.
  • Request for permission

Yours lovingly/ Your loving son/daughter,
Short Name

Question 2
Rewrite the following as directed:

  1. The teacher could not understand why he was absent.
  2. Promises should be kept.
  3. Apart from a wet cat, I had no other company in the heavy rain.
  4. The mother asked whether/if I was the hero who/that saved her child.
  5. Not even a letter of apology by shah to Sam removed his anger.

b) Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions.
(a) I have reconciled myself to my fate.
(b) Lana is too miserly to part with her money.
(c) It is advantageous to study regularly.
(d) There is always a demand for good books.
(e) Please contact me between 9.00. a.m. and 12.00.noon.]]>

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