ICSE 2016 English I Practice Test Two

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ICSE 2016 English I Practice Test Two

Question 1
(a) Your friend has recently won a prize. Write a letter to congratulate him on his/her success.
(b) As the Secretary of the SUPW Club of your School you are going to organise a Seminar on  Save water, Save Earth for the students of your city. You want a sponsor and hence decided to write a letter to the Managing Director, Atalntic Enterprises, Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad for sponsorship. Write a letter giving full details of your seminar and request him to kindly sponsor the undertaking.
Question 2
Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
Question 3
(a) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words: [5]
1. Richard aims ……becoming a writer. 
2. The Principal assure you ……his help..
3. She is confined ……bed with tonsillitis.
4. The workers takes a different stand ……this issue.
5. The studebts are eligible ……The scholarship.
(b) Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each of them, Make other changes necessary, but do not change the meaning of the sentence.
1. The protesters created havoc in the hall. The Chairman was delivering the speech.
(Combine the two) 
2. Krishna took the injured to the the hospital. He donated blood too.
                          (Begin: Not only ….)
3. The teacher said to him, “Have you finished your project?”
(Change the narration.)
4. The lawyer argued the case thoroughly.
(Begin: The case…..)
5. If he agrees to deliver the speech, we will be delighted.
(Use ‘unless’)
6. Roja asked, “John, please, attend my party.”
(Begin: John….)
7. He saw a bus coming at full speed. Immediately he stopped the old woman cross the street. (Use: No sooner….)
8. He was too strongheaded  to accept the argument.
(Use: so…that) 
9. Tagore is one of the most popular poets in the West.
(Use: Very few)
10. She is loved by all because she is kindhearted.
(Use: kindness)


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