ICSE 2019 English Paper 1: Grammar and Composition: Practice Paper 5 Suggested Answers

ICSE 2019 English Paper 1: Grammar and Composition: Practice Paper 5 Suggested Answers

Question 1

Formal Letter

  1. Instance of rudeness
  2. Apology

Question 2                                                                                                                 


(b)   Separate multiple email addresses using the semicolon character.

To: principal@st.berchamansschool.com;


Subject: Inter-School Elocution Competition


We are conducting an Inter-School Elocution Competition on 05 November 2018 at 10:00 AM in our School Auditorium.

We request you to send interested students from your school for the competition. Their names have to send on or before 1 November 2018.

Expecting a favourable response,

Yours faithfully,


Debate Club

Blue Meadow School


Question 3


  1. Used
  2. Concerned
  3. Understood
  4. Nurtured
  5. Lovingly
  6. Loved
  7. Endearing
  8. to pay
  • (b) Fill in each blank with an appropriate word:
    1. The car was parked at/in front of the gate.
    2. Their assignments should be presented before 10’oçlock.
    3. The beggar had an old scarf wrapped around his head.
    4. We saw the helicopter fly high over the dam.
    5. Gardening is suggested as a cure for migraine.
    6. The dog ran down the steps and out into the lawn.
    7. The thief vaulted over the hedge and fled.
    8. Do not get carried away by the hearsays.

(c)  Join these sentences to make one complete sentence without using and, but or so.                [4]                 

  1. As soon as the coach arrived, the training started.
  2. The journey was so dreary that I will asleep at the back.  
  3. Since the man was carrying contraband goods, he was fined.
  4. Be silent or leave the hall.


  1. The hunter said that he saw a wild elephant that morning.
  2. No other boy in the class is as humorous as Kelly.
  3. The boy’s books were hidden by the girls.
  4. Sheena was too ashamed to speak clearly.
  5. No sooner did the wedding get over than the guest rushed to the dining hall.
  6. Rama would rather continue her studies that get married.
  7. Despite not eating enough, Malik is fat.
  8. Unless you try, you cannot perform well.

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