ICSE English: Grammar Preposition Revision Exercise

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Choose the right preposition:

1. He was touched _____________ pity when he heard the tale.

2. There is always a demand ___________ good tailor.
3. He was in great need ___________ money.
4. He fell ____________ with his best friend and refused to talk to him.
5. The pupils must commit this ___________ memory.
1. He was touched__________ pity when he heard the news.

2. You have no aptitude __________ business.
3. Need you bring __________ that topic again?
4. She insists ___________ wearing that dress.
5. I met an old friend __________ the party

1. Children often quarrel___________ their toys.

2. The waiter laid the table________ dinner.
3. She was annoyed__________ being disturbed.
4. He was anxious to be popular________ everyone.
5. It was kind____________ him to be so helpful.
1. She is a year older_________ I am.

2. They could not elicit any information _________ the prisoner.

3. She did not play the piano, because ___________ a septic thumb.

4. A basket was provided __________ the disposal of waste paper.
5. This fabric is superior____________ that one.

1. The teacher was pleased_______ the performance of the student.

2. He slept _________ eight o’ clock.

3. The cat sprang _________ the table.

4. I shall return________ an hour.

5. He will be dropped ___________ the team if he does not make a big score. 


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