Revision Test: Grammar and Composition:26 July 2010~Answers

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            <![CDATA[Question 1 [10]<br />

Write a letter to the Warden of the Home for Orphaned Children asking whether you can spend two hours a week to be with the children. Moreover, convince the warden how your presence will benefit the children.
Answer 1
elephentPoints to be included
1. Official Format.
2. Request for permission to spend two hours a week.
3. Reasons, at least two, for the benefit obtained by the children.
4. Concluding remarks.
Question 2 with Answers
Rewrite as directed: [10]
1.Robert suggested that we should call a taxi.
2.Few girls in our school have the speed to outrun Rachel.
3. It was rather an interesting book.
4. No other journey I ever had was as tedious as this.
5. Had he not scored in the last minute, we would have lost the match.

6. She is not as clever as she is beautiful.
7. Apart from a hot tea, the old man had nothing in the chilly morning.
8. Rita asked (me) whether I would come to her studio the next day as she was having an exhibition of her painting. / Rita said that she was having an exhibition of her painting and asked (me) whether I would come to her studio the next day.
9.No sooner did they advertise/have they advertised for the job than there was a rush of applicants.
Show me the place where you kept/have kept the books.
Question 3 [5]
Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:
1. Rani’s parents were pleased with his results.
2. The fans rejoiced in their team’s success.
3. The two brothers deal in pearls.
4. The man was blind of one eye.
5. Students should abide by the rules of the school.]]>

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