Test on Letter and Grammar

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Question 1
During your holidays you stayed with your Uncle’s family.Write a letter thanking him for the stay and tell him what
you liked the
most.                                                                                      [10]
Question 2
Rewrite as directed:                                                         [10]
1.       She came to my house in August last year.                                   
(Begin: The last…)                                 
2. This is the wisest man I have ever seen.
(Begin: Never…)
3. The soldiers continued marching.
(Change into a negative sentence)
4.To avoid punishment, he ran away.
5. Intelligent though he is, he acts childishly.
(Begin: He is…..)

Sophia says, “It is warmer today than yesterday.”
(Change into reported speech)
7.       Mohammed settled in the village where he was born.
(Change into a simple sentence)
8.       She did all she could do to persuade her husband to stop drinking but to no avail.
(Begin: Nothing…)
9.       Even as a young gifted artist, Annette did not neglect her studies.
(Use: when)
10.   Cassius does not know the reason for Caesar’s success.
(Use: why)

Question 3

in the blanks with the correct form of word in the
bracket.                                     [5]

1.       I will complete the work if I am……well ( pay)
2.       You better start ……..as your examination are at hand. (revise)
3.       He had a …….. escape.(miracle)

4.       They ……. in Chandigarh for five years. (live)
5.       I shall be surprised, if it does……today.( rain)


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